Terms & Conditions

Customized Products: 30% deposit, balance upon delivery or pick up.
Booking Products: 25% deposit, balance upon delivery or pick up.

Terms will be established upon approved credit.


Payment Terms

-Terms are as agreed from date of invoice for "established accounts"

- Overdue accounts are subject to a service charge of 2% per month (24% per annum)

- Any default in our credit terms will jeopardize future credit privileges

- We reserve the right to cancel credit arrangements if we feel warranted.

- We reserve the right at any time before shipment to require satisfactory evidence of the buyer's finnancial responsibility and if that cannot be provided, the material ordered may be shipped on a C.O.D basis

- There will be an automatic $25.00 service charge for all dishonored cheques and the account will be placed on hold or on a cash basis only


Credit Card Payment

- 3% service charge are applicable


Returned Goods/Product Claims

- There will be 20% handling charge on all accepted returns